This is about us. We are Unique because we are an Independent Broker and not required to only sell from One Company. Many people contact us for Insurance Quotes just to keep their Long Term Agent honest… we welcome that. The only thing we ask after sending a quote or sending the paperwork – tell us you =- received the info – no longer shopping – because we pride our place being as efficient .

We have been Legally Licensed in California since 1994. We can quote and offer Insurance in all of California.

We offer Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Dental /Vision Insurance, Group Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance, Worker’s Comp Insurance, Earthquake Insurance (A Rated), Business Insurance, Liability Insurance, and specialize in Hard to Place Insurance.

…Just like the site says – we are Insurance NO BS! Facts, offers and forms will be filled out and we can offer you a quote…that’s it.

Best practice ~ Requote your Insurance Annually. Probably will get more coverage for less Premium – Money!!!

Alfano Insurance Company was founded in 1994, and has been providing quality Insurance Information to the public ever since. Located in California, and does all kinds of quality information sharing things for the community.

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