Why DO We Need Insurance?

Most people who ask that question have never had an experience such as a Fire, Car Accident or Trip to the Emergency Room.

Protecting your assets is number 1. Even you don’t have any financial assets – you do have your body that you own.


Break Ins/Theft

Trips and Falls

Cut Finger

Fender Bender

Someone Dies with small children

This just the start of reasons why you would need Insurance Coverage.  Just recently someone we know had a break in

to their business through the roof and stole items. While you are locked and secure.


Health Insurance is the first start of Gathering your needs for Insurance. More people go bankrupt by not having coverage for their own physical needs.  Ahh, it’s so confusing.

Ask your self – How often do I g to the Dr. per year? How many Prescriptions do I take per year?

If the answer is low…less than 1-3 get a higher Deductible Insurance plan and bet that you will not need to be going for medical help often.

Life changes bring in changes for all types of Insurance.


Susan Rose http://www.insurancenobs.com